Welcome to Agape Mbagala Secondary School
  Computer Lessons:  

Agape Mbagala secondary school is aware of the technological advancement in the world and the need to equip our students with very modern technological skills to help them fit among elite class in the society. The school has a fully equipped computer laboratory. An average of one computer per student for each class during computer lessons. Our teaching syllabus is guided by the national education curriculum and we have qualified teachers to make sure our students excel in computer studies.

For this program, we have categorical objectives for all the classes of students

Form I Computer teaching objectives:

  • Provide knowledge on the use of information and communication media
  • Teach how use computer to process data and information
  • Demonstrate skills of computer handling
  • Teach use of Operating System to manage files and folders
Form II Computer teaching objectives:
  • Teach students word document management and processing
  • Teach students computer spreadsheet applications
  • Teach use of  computer networks to access information
  • Teach use of internet to access data and informationn
Form III Computer teaching objectives:
  • Teach importance of using computers in daily life activities
  • Teach the role of information technology in bringing about change in organizations and the society at large
  • Provide knowledge on database creation and use of database to organize, store and retrieve information.
  • Teach websites designing and use of websites to access and process information
Form IV Computer teaching objectives:
  • Teach management of database systems
  • Teach creation and making presentations
  • Teach production of desktops publications
  • Teach creation of multimedia publications